The world's natural resources are strained.
Alternatives to current eating patterns are unavoidable.
Maybe McDonald's is preparing our children for the day we evolve
to be able to digest plastic. 
In the meantime Australian stores could do worse than introduce McRoo.

Eating kangaroo is cheaper than vegetarianism and 
arguably better for the environment. They're being culled as pests anyhow!
Whether eating animals, consuming blood, makes us aggressive is another issue.

After 200 years it is time Australians took bush tucker seriously.
Seems to me that it makes sense to eat whatever the indigenous people 
traditionally eat. This, of course, includes berries.
Too small and fiddly? Modify them!

And if feral cats are such a problem... how about McMeeow?

Endorsed by Skippy for the Undesirable Propagation Unit.